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Winter 2019 Winners

  • $3300 – The Campus Market
  • $3200 – Maame
  • $2500 + $500 Audience Choice – MedoBody
  • $1000 – Games Knight
  • $900 – Ascension
  • $500 – Tyzer
  • $400 – Color of the Day
  • $350 – Mesh, Spaces, Thorium
  • $250 – ControlAlt, Ikeyoo, Maestro, Turf Pick-Up Sports, Tapp

Winter 2018 Winners

  • $3250 – Portal, Geomia
  • $2000 – Escape Jurassic Island, GladiatorVR
  • $1500 – ARocket
  • $1000 – Recipik
  • $700 – Hype Lights (includes audience choice award)
  • $500 – Guru
  • $400 – Cosmos
  • $300 – TURF
  • $100 – JournalProject

Winter 2017 Winners

  • $4000 – Budgeting App (includes audience choice award)
  • $2250 – Venga
  • $1500 – Aryv, Dundidit, LessonLync
  • $1000 – Holoture, Mantra
  • $750 – Paper Games
  • $500 – Pulse: Truth or Dare
  • $100 – Bally, Down to Play, Flip Box, Habit Hero, Hypercron, Missionary Pal, Rebel Repository, Sales Tax Calculator, Telestrate, Zombies IRL

Winter 2016 Winners

  • $1650 – Journey
  • $1600 – Hexbreaker
  • $1500 – Curo
  • $1400 – Flip
  • $1200 – Friendability (includes audience choice award)
  • $1000 – Latitude Tours
  • $1000 – Mappin
  • $750 – FitPlay Games
  • $650 – Sepi
  • $550 – SchoolHive
  • $500 – Windo
  • $400 – Guava Fitness
  • $300 – $ellFee
  • $250 – TempleTrip
  • $200 – Crowdsurf, Ponderize, Spark'd
  • $100 – Aviary, Charity Champs, FashionMe, FlashFlood, Grid, Primp, Team Challenge, Time Capsule

Winter 2015 Winners

  • $4750 – VME Chat (includes audience choice award)
  • $4000 – Stack Challenge (also analytics winner)
  • $3500 – Countdown Social
  • $1200 – Garden Guardian
  • $1000 – Pocket Game Developer
  • $800 – PumpPal
  • $400 – Chekitapp
  • $150 – Appartment

Winter 2014 Winners

Judges Comments – Card Table showed spectacular engineering and UI/UX, and it did well in the analytics category. My Home Story had a compelling business model and demonstrated ideal use of the mobile platform for the business need it addressed. Sadie O'Green uses the iPad platform to provide an outstanding UI/UX, and its implementation took quite a lot of effort. Math Bot is an engaging and fun way to encourage younger users to practice math skills; it has an excellent UI/UX. Later is a useful app that is well-executed; it was the leader in the analytics category. Pixel Artist is an interesting game for the under-served Windows Phone market, and it has a credible revenue model. Scrimp has a strong UI/UX, and also did business modeling to justify the business case. Lunch Box is a popular app for its community and has been through a lot of business model development. Pudgy Penguin for Windows Phone did well in the analytics category; because it was done previously as an iOS app, it received lower engineering scores this year. Group Smart was put together quickly by two Freshman who presented an interesting story, and they did both an iOS and an Android app. SmartWave and Vicci both did significant business model development and have intriguing commercial prospects. We encourage readers to follow the links to the various apps. This is a great group of apps written by excellent student developers. We commend everyone who participated in the competition.

Fall 2012 Winners


Honorable Mentions

Special Awards

Fall 2011 Winners

1st place, judged ($3500)Pudgy Penguin

2nd place, judged ($2500)Seatr

3rd place, judged ($1500)Date Builder

1st place, analytics ($3500)Cat, Bird, and Worms

2nd place, analytics ($2500)Alphadoodle

3rd place, analytics ($1500)Pudgy Penguin

Audience ChoicePudgy Penguin

Winter 2010 Winners

1st placeHippo Blast (Reed Olsen and Chris Martin)

  • A game allowing the player to see how far he or she can shoot a hippopotamus from a cannon

2nd placeSkiFree (Jared McGann and Gary Sabin)

  • A recreation of the classic Windows 3.1 game of the same name

3rd place – Redbox & Pizza Promo Codes – "Dinner & a Movie" (Android, iTunes) (Josiah Carlson and Matt Nicolaysen)

  • A utility that gives up-to-date promotion codes to use for discounts on pizza and movies

4th placeMicroKart Evolved (Brandon Pluim)

  • A 3-D racing game through city streets

Audience ChoiceThe Tipping Bucket (Derrick Bowen, Brad Morgan, and Jacob Richardson)

  • A utility facilitating small donations to a variety of causes

Other Competition Entries
  • Circle of Friends (iPhone): A social-networking utility showing relationships of users in steps
  • The Crush App (iPhone): A utility allowing users to input names to see the "crush potential" of the two names
  • Hangin' Around (iPhone): A hangman style game in which the player saves a monkey from a crocodile
  • The Liahona (iPhone): A map and compass app pointing the user to the nearest LDS chapel or temple
  • MyStatBox (iPhone): A utility allowing the user to keep track of basketball statistics for individual players
  • Padlock (iPhone): A game requiring the player to open a combination lock by ear or using clues
  • Whack-A-Face (Android): A whack-a-mole style android game that allows the user to hit friends' faces
  • Word Tap (iPhone): A Boggle-style game requiring the players to form words from a grid, scoring more points for longer words

Winter 2009 Winners

1st placeAwesome Ball (Brian Pratt and Jonathan Johnson)

  • bounce a customizable ball in a 3-D environment

2nd placeMicroKart (Brandon Pluim)

  • race toy cars around various obstacles on a table top in a house

3rd placeBattle Dot (Darren Turetzky, Kevin Shallbetter and Michael Caldwell)

  • use the accelerometer to move a dot in a battle game

4th placeGreen Wars (Nate Graves and Evrhet Milam)

  • buy green products and sell them in a game

Audience ChoiceMarch Mayhem (Dave DeLong, Reed Olsen and Mark Suman)

  • track the NCAA basketball tournament and get updates on favorite teams

Other Competition Entries:

  • 100 Hour Board — an iPhone optimized view of the BYU 100 Hour Board
  • Missing Children — helps people to identify and find people who have been abducted
  • Risk Calc — gives the probability of winning a battle in the game Risk
  • StereoStream — streams music from iTunes library on a Mac over Wi-Fi to the iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Sunrise Sunset — displays sunrise and sunset times around the world
  • Tap Memory — tap circles by memory in numerical order
  • Would You Rather? — game that makes players choose between undesirable scenarios